I am creative

I am creative

I am a woman, I think like a man.
I am sweet, I am sour.
I am a good girl, I am a brat.
I am sinner, I am saint.
I am chaste, I am a vixen.
I am pure, I am tainted.
I am independent, wild and free, yet captive, subservient and slave.
I am focused, I am distracted.
I will intrigue you, confuse you and torment you, for I am ever changing like the weather and just as unpredictable.
You will believe that you have me figured out and I will elude you, causing you to have to recapture your prey over and over, time after time.
One thing is for certain, you will not become bored with me, for I am ever changing, ever evolving from within.
I will make you feel as if my world revolves around you, only to elude you as I disappear onto my next venture.
The next adventure within my vivid imagination.
I roam wild and free in the recesses of my mind as I ponder the next story, the next character, the next love, or lack of it.
I invite you to go with me but I must warn you that I am very hard to keep up with, for I am a true artist from the very depths of my soul and creativity is and will always be my first love…
Photography, editing and caption done by Author_4_U
These writings and images of me are my personal property. Any copying and displaying these writings or images without my prior written consent is illegal and grounds for legal action. They are copyright and they are NOT public domain.
© 2013 Amber Hawkins

7 thoughts on “I am creative

  1. Have you been roaming around inside of my mind again? Probing my innermost thoughts? Simply change the opening line & you have captured what the outside world never sees within me!

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