Balance…Weekly photo challenge


Such an all inclusive word of the answer to everything.
Familiar to the word grey it seems to me.
For some that feel so deeply cannot be put into a box and the word balance becomes somewhat of a challenge for them.
To those that feel so deeply things, many things are all or nothing and the word balance becomes an ongoing challenge that is not so easily attained.
Such concentration and at times it takes a resigning of trying to obtain it and so we fake it, as we go about our daily lives and find other ways to vent the passions of fire and ice that dwell within.
Do we not reside in a taboo place of intensity that is on the edge, whether it be play or actual danger.
Balance how nice a word that we use to answer all of life’s challenges, but for some it takes disconnecting to concentrate on walking a tightrope.
Balance what a challenge that it is…

Photography, editing and caption done by Author_4_U
These writings and images of me are my personal property. Any copying and displaying these writings or images without my prior written consent is illegal and grounds for legal action. They are copyright and they are NOT public domain.
©2013 Amber Hawkins

This picture depicts me trying to obtain something simple, Balance.

Due to the many different hats that I wear, at times it can be a challenge.

Many times as an artist and Author, we feel on a deeper level, as we become that which we write about, be it character or emotion.

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