© I am an Author

© I am an Author

©I am an Author…
I want to weave you a tail that causes you to feel as if I am directly speaking to you.
I want to weave you a story in words that makes you feel as if “I get you.”
I want to get in your head,
I want to get in your heart.
I want you to feel a fire burning from the words that I have left printed on my paper.
I want to light a fire in you,
A passion,
A hunger for more of my stories.
I want to connect with you.
I want you to wonder whom I think about, when I write these stories.
I want to leave you hungering, thirsting, and craving more of what I give you in my words, and in my stories to you my readers.
I want you, to want me!

©2013 Amber Hawkins

2 thoughts on “© I am an Author

  1. To get inside our readers head and make them feel we are writing just for them, so that it leaves them hungering for our words and for us, is what most writers should aspire too.

    Love the write…

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