In my world, there is a very fine line between fantasy and reality.
I can’t help but create when I look at a particular.
I most certainly have been known to jot down the perfect story line, from the most unsuspecting of situations.
The ideas come to me at a moment’s notice.
My vivid imagination is known to be overactive.
Imagination is a wonderful thing.
It takes ho hum, everyday monotony, and tosses it into obscurity.
The insanity of the day, is turned into a forgotten nonexistent.
Ahh, but the most fulfilling part of this adventure, is that I get to share it with you.
I get to take you away from the insanity of it all, by using my imagination.
What could be better my friend; what could be better?
Photography, editing and caption done by Amber Hawkins.
These writings and images of me are my personal property. Any copying and displaying these writings or images without my prior written consent is illegal and grounds for legal action. They are copyright and they are NOT public domain.
©2013 Amber Hawkins

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