An Excerpt from The White Rose

An Excerpt from The White Rose

Ricardo was a very patient man, he would stalk: as covertly as necessary; in order to get the information on Juanita that he needed.
The more he observed about her, the more his interest was peaked.
As Juan rounded the corner kicking the soccer ball, or as it was called in Latin America, ‘futball.’
He almost ran into the tall, dark haired man: as he threw down the cigarette he was smoking, and stepped on it impatiently.
Juan quivered as a chill ran up his spin.
“Lociento Senor” he timidly said, in Spanish, ‘I’m sorry it meant.’
“Ten cuidado, watch it, be careful!” Ricardo barked back, at the little boy.
Juan looked up and saw Juanita: just as she and Marisol were entering the house.
“Had this tall, dark, dangerous man, been watching them?” He thought to himself.
It could only mean trouble; he instinctively knew.
Ricardo made his way down the dark alley and came to a large steel door. He beat on the door three times with a closed fist. A small window in the door screeched open, the man immediately opened the door; when he saw that it was Ricardo.
He knew Ricardo well, and he was well aware of his impatience, and quick temper.
“Hola, ‘Hi Senor’ Como Estas, ‘How are you.’”
“How do you think I am you idiot?” Ricardo snapped back.
The man shrunk back in fear, “Si Senor” he replied. He would stay out of his way. It was safer.
Marta whimpered: as she heard Ricardo’s heavy footsteps approaching. She was cold, hungry, and the heavy chain that held her in place; had bruised and was beginning to cut into the flesh of her ankle.
She whimpered again; as she peered into the darkness, at her captor.
Ricardo poured her a glass of water from a dirty pitcher, that sat on a small rickety table.
Marta’s hand shook; as she reached to retrieve the water from the tall dark stranger. “I don’t know what you want,” she said to him.
“Yes you do! I want Juanita.”
“Your little missionary friend.”
“But I’ve already told you, that she is to arrive at the Dr’s home,” Marta replied.
“So you have, and so she has,” Ricardo replied in return.
“For this information we remain on good terms.”
“Then when can I go,” Marta asked?
“Soon chica, very soon.”

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