The White Rose

The White Rose

Are you tired of reading novels about perfect Christian women?
Are you left feeling inadequate; like you don’t measure up?
Then the ‘Rollen Stonz Women’ series is for you.

The History of the ‘Rollen Stonz Women’
The ‘Rollen Stonz Women’ series: is about various different women who have grown up in dysfunctional settings. They come from an inner city setting and they often come as a diamond in the rough if you will. They have tapped into some of the power of God; but are still finding their way.
Many times women who come from dysfunctional back rounds don’t have the opportunity of gaining life skills; that a solid Christian family foundation would normally give. These women have to learn as they go: if you will, and many times they may not make the best decisions when it comes to the Men in their life. This is where I came up with “The Daddy List” the men who basically prey on women that didn’t grow up with a solid Christian Father image. These girls are going to make you laugh at times and cry at others.
They will infuriate you with their instability, but they are a broken and fragmented group: who are truly trying to find their way with God.
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