How to judge an Amazon review

How to judge an Amazon review

Like many others, when I first started to read reviews; I took them at face value. I dare say: that I don’t anymore.
It didn’t take long for me to understand: that even though, “The pen can be mightier than the sword,” “Consider the source;” is a definite deciding factor in the world of reviews also.
When reading a review on Amazon, or any other online purchasing platform, look at the reviewer’s profile and ask yourself questions such as: ‘Are all of their reviews negative?’ When reviewing a book, ‘How was their over-all grammar?’ I am anything but the ‘grammar police.’(Not by choice) I just tend to be a great story teller, one that has to study more when it comes to grammar issues. Anyway: back to the matter at hand. I have read reviews that go something like this: “don’t waste you time don’t waste your money.”
Yes, just like that. If someone does not know how to give an educated review, then move on.
When reviewing a product: does the person always give 5-star reviews on electronics, but only 1-star reviews on books? In a case such as this, I have to ask myself: ‘Is this an avid reader?’ Some people don’t like to read; therefore: no book would warrant a good review.
Is the reviewer a long winded, power hungry critic?
You know the type, the person that gets promoted and it goes to their head; or the person that now has the microphone and won’t give it back. They have a little power and some attention and they just go on, and on, and on….Well you get it.
Are they making stabbing remarks, and jokes; at the expense of the Author, or the manufacturer, of said product? Many times a reviewer knows that the person they are reviewing, can’t, or won’t defend themselves; due to their position. Many times ill meaning reviewers know that an Author will not retaliate; due to not wanting to tarnish their reputation with their readers. I have to question, if reviews such as this are being done in the right frame of mind, or attitude.
Reviews are great, but they can be a double edged sword. They can cut coming and going. Many times the reviewer is aware of that. I guess that it kind of boils down to the old adage, go with your gut; because it could be a good review that is coming from a good place, or it could be a lousy review, that is coming from an ulterior motive; or perhaps someone’s baggage: that has altered their perception…
Just some food for thought and thanks for stopping by…

©2013 Amber Hawkins

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