10 Common grammatical errors

10 Common grammatical errors

10 words and phrases: too many times stated incorrectly.
1. Suppossably – Supposedly
2.For all intensive purposes – For all intents and purposes.
3. Irregardless – Regardless
4. I could care less- I couldn’t care less
5. Expresso – Espresso
6. Pacifacly – Specifically
7. Excetra – Etcetera
8. I seen it – I saw it
9. Of upmost importance – Of utmost importance
10. I need to lay down – I need to lie down

These grammar tips brought to you via: facebook – grammarly

6 thoughts on “10 Common grammatical errors

  1. One that should be entered is the difference between the adjective “good” and the adverb “well.” That is one of my pet peeves when people misuse them. I have been known to scream out loud in class when one of my students mixed them up. There are a lot more that should be on that list, but it’s a start! Please keep us informed. I’m enjoying your blog.

    • I have so very much to learn when it comes to perfecting my writing skills, but I do so love literature and it is worth the work that one has to put into it.
      Thank you for stopping by and I’m certain that I will learn quite a bit from your blogging.

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