My Plight

My Plight

I wish that I could tell that this is the story of an adoption with a happy ending. I wish that I could tell you that this is like the other adoption stories that I have seen and read, where there is a wonderful re-uniting of Mother and Daughter, but I can’t.
The simple fact of the matter is: My birth Mother never wanted me. From the day of my birth, until the day of her death; she remained true to the statement: “That she wished that I had never been born.”
I have come to grips with that knowledge. I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that there are some women that never bond with their children; but I have come to grips with that knowledge.
I have no regrets for the life that I have been allotted and I carry no resentment, for it has all been a part of: ‘My Plight.’
I do wish to share it with you my reader. This is a real, raw, and riveting story, it needed to be told. Others need to hear that being broken is ok, being un-wanted is ok, and being abandoned is ok. You see: I believe that we all come with our own set of scars, cracks and blemishes that make us the beautiful messes that inhabit this world that we live in. I believe that perfection is over-rated. I have chosen rather than hide my imperfections, to embrace them and to share them with others, so that they too can move past their shame and into their freedom. I don’t know how to be anyone but who I am and I refuse to paint a false image that will crumble because it has no foundation of truth. I believe that by me having the boldness to tell my story and to embrace ‘My Plight,’ that others will be encouraged to embrace themselves and ultimately to embrace the plight that they have been allotted. I invite you to contact me, if and when this story touches you, for you see; after you have read these pages, you have become: a part of ‘My Plight.’
©2013 Amber Hawkins

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A real look at adoption when there is no 'Happily ever after.'

A real look at adoption when there is no ‘Happily ever after.’

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