The Start of her day

The Start of her day

She is up before the crack of dawn and on her way out the door as the sun comes up, she may even pull out of her driveway with her cup of coffee on the hood spilling to the street as she mutters, “Shoot” under her breath.
She is sure to have a cell phone on speaker mandating orders to her aide or secretary as she weaves in and out of rush hour traffic.
She is totally clueless to the truck full of construction workers that eye her in the vehicle next to her in the bottle necked traffic.
She is the professional woman of today, at the start of her day…

She has everything in place.
That is, after running two pair of hose, losing the back to an earring and avoiding the panic that she could begin to feel set in, as she realized that she was edging dangerously close to being late.

Yes, everything does seem to be in place, but wait a minute, there is one more thing that she will need.
This last item is shall we say, a deal breaker?
She will need to reapply it today over and over again, possibly even more than her lipstick.
Why yes, of course, it’s her game face.
It is of vital necessity that she has that game face of hers in place.
In her world she needs it, because all eyes are on her.
Unlike many, that want or crave a spot light, she wants the deal to close and the job to get done, so she will need that game face.
After all, she lives in a world where she is expendable and being cute is not going to cut it!
She is not always playing for the home team.
Some of those fans out there are not rooting for her.
You would never know it though, because as she makes her way through that tunnel and out onto the field, she will have that game face on…
©2013 Amber Hawkins

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