Max’s Mayhem

Max's Mayhem

“I need to see you, Talia.”
“You ‘need’ to see me, hmm, looks like someone has developed a nasty little addiction, James. And what would become of you, if you couldn’t get the drug of your choice? Which in your case; happens to be me.”
“Don’t toy with me, Talia!”
“Oh calm down, don’t start getting all territorial. I think that we both know that this is nothing more than a sordid affair. The only reason that you crave me is: I’m forbidden. But let’s clarify one thing here and now James, you don’t own me and you most certainly…… don’t tell me what to do.” Talia’s voice literally purred, as she basked in the enjoyment of being in control. She had a tad bit of a sadistic streak in her, towards men. She could only assume that it was her way of making them pay for the fact that they used her for her body.
“Don’t push me, Talia; you’ll regret it if you do!”
“Why Governor, if I didn’t know any better I might take that as a threat.”
“I don’t threaten Talia! Men with my kind of power don’t need to. Now you have your fine little self ready by 8:00 pm tonight and wear something that I like.”
“I already have plans,” she nonchalantly replied.
“Then break them!”
With that, the phone went dead.
An excerpt from Max’s Mayhem.
Available on Amazon:
©2014 Amber Hawkins

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