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For the last 17 years we have focused on what could be done in a mere Alley.

The pictures tell the story and though I chuckle when I see some of the older shots that were taken of us, there is nothing humorous about the people who dwelt in that alley; desperate for a change.

We have had over 25 newspaper articles done on us throughout the years, we have graced the television screen of our viewers for 17 years but, none of that matters, as it has only been an avenue to make a difference in lives which are less fortunate.

Welcome to Amber’s Alley, it is a place that is gut wrenching, riveting and not always glamorous…

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7 thoughts on “Awards and accolades/Shameless plugs

    • It’s in me, much like you I am sure.
      I recommend everyone to do some type of giving back into their community, they suddenly see that we don’t have it so bad…

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