Short stories and musings

Has social media become so much about networking, that we are losing the art of it?

Personally, I believe that if you are supposed to be a part of my life, my world, my little corner of cyber space, then we will be connected, not by force; but by a force of nature.

I have no desire to network you, but I do have a desire to connect with you.

I have a desire to let your art, your gifts and talents, speak to me and inspire me today.

I do have a desire for you to be inspired by what I am putting out there in cyber space.

Networking you, is only going to cause you to put up walls, walls that will keep me from gleaning inspiration from the gift, that you give in your blog.

Hey, I’m all for letting people know what I’m doing, but after that; people connect to and remember what speaks to them, so ultimately: it is my desire that you walk away from my blog inspired, not feeling like you just went to a business meeting…

Photography, editing and caption done by Author_4_U

These writings and images of me are my personal property. Any copying and displaying these writings or images without my prior written consent is illegal and grounds for legal action. They are copyright and they are NOT public domain.
©2013 Amber Hawkins


Hello, my name is Angel.

Yes I know, quite humorous isn’t it?

It sounds like a dog, or better yet a stripper.

In fact: it is one of the reasons that when I am conducting business, I lie and use Angelica.

I am an entrepreneur for lack of a better term.

Really, what I truly am is what I term: “Every woman.”

I wear various hats and I am doing fine financially.

I am what could be defined as upper middle class.

I work alot, but I have the fruit of it to show for my efforts.

Many of my contracts involve working with words, I write well in the sense that I am able to take a person where I want to take them with my words.

It is not so much that I am some great author, but I am a great story teller, thus I tend to get a lot of jobs writing commercials for new products that come out, or new marketing concepts, for products that are not doing well as far as sales.

I do well enough that a local sales ad agency has set me up a nice office in their building.

I come and go as I please, because much of what I do can be done from my computer at home.

When I come to work in my office, I am strictly business!

I am dressed and armed with an attitude of just such, nothing but professionalism.

I have this attitude because I do not confer with those who are employed here, as I said: I am in and out at will and my work speaks for itself.

I am always cordial and polite, but I never let down my guard as far as my professional attitude.

This is a multi-million dollar company and I am expendable, they can find someone else to tell their story.

It is mandatory that I stay on top of my game, as far as producing results for them.

In this business: it all boils down to dollar bills, or in this case, well; let’s just say large amounts of money.

This day, would be a day, that I should have been more perceptive and discerning.

I was on the phone and I had 5 or 6 windows open on my laptop, as I usually do when I am working, or writing.

The door to my office was open and I heard someone walk in and saw that it was the delivery man with a package for me.

I impatiently waved him over and all but snatched the package out of his hand.

I continued with the phone call, if you can call punching 30 different sequences of numbers, which directed me to 30 different wild goose chases, on 30 different automated voice messages of, “For blah press one, for blah, blah, press two,”
you get what I am saying.

I really just wanted to talk to a human and why was this delivery boy not going away?

I looked up to view him with both of his hands palms down and on my desk and glaring at me.

His tousled curly brown locks and striking blue eyes which held more intensity and depth than what I was accustomed to and the fact that they never broke their gripping gaze of holding on to my visage, was not going to break through my shell of professionalism on a day like today, or any other day.

“What…… Do………. You………. Need?” I drew out the words: as if speaking to a five year old child.

“I need, you to sign for the package, that you all but jerked out of my hand, Miss High and mighty,” he calmly replied.

The little jerk was making me mad now.

Once again I drew my words out as if speaking to a child, “Did……….. You see……… The lady………… That was sitting at the desk out there? She is called a receptionist, now run along and have her sign it” I stated: as I shooed him away.

He never moved his firmly planted palms, nor his cold gaze and called out over his shoulder, “Mrs. Taylor could you come here please?”

“Certainly,” the receptionist responded: making her way in.

By now we had locked gazes into a staring match. This little twirp was beginning to bug me.

“Mrs. Taylor” he calmly stated: never removing his gaze, Miss Hanesley is demanding that I take this form to you, in order to have it signed: What do you think about that?”

I looked up to view Mrs. Taylor in the door wringing her hands and muttering, “Oh dear.”

The delivery boy was still standing his ground, “I said to sign the delivery statement, do as I asked you to do and sign it,” he calmly stated: never breaking his gaze.

I scrunched my lips and squinted my eyes, once again looking over to view Mrs. Taylor in a mild case of panic, still wringing her hands.

I grabbed the paper signing it and all but threw it at the little smart alic as I hissed: “The only reason that I am signing it, is for state of her health.

“She looks as if she may have a heart attack.”

He smirked: as he turned walking away, “Well, I would say that you have caused enough problems for one day young lady.”

I picked up the phone to dial the irritating automated message machine again and looked up to view Mrs. Taylor still wringing her hands and saying things like: “Oh dear and oh my” over and over.

“What?!?” I asked: thoroughly exasperated, after having to deal with the irritating delivery boy.

“Oh my” she shook her head, “That is not the delivery boy.”

“He is the owner of the company.”

“Oh no,” I muttered under my breath, “I think that I just lost my job.”

These writings images of me are my personal property. Any copying and displaying these writings or images without my prior written consent is illegal and grounds for legal action.They are copyright and they are NOT public domain.
©2013 Amber Hawkins

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