Max’s Mayhem

DSC_0195sharpedit Max

George sat in his hummer slumped down and eyeing the prey at hand through binoculars. He would enjoy this job more. This time he would be able to savor the hunt and George was all about the hunt. He had realized during his stint in Kuwait that he enjoyed hunting and he had also realized that once a man hunts a human; that nothing else ever quite measures up. That last kill had been so hurried, though he had enjoyed watching the sheet soak up the blood that poured from his victim’s slit neck. Yes, this time he would take his time, maybe he could have some ‘fun’ with the pretty blonde before she met her demise.

George had always known that he was different, but it wasn’t until he went to war that he realized just how different that he was. He enjoyed extracting information from the prisoners that he subdued. In fact some of the most hardened soldiers that he served with, had to leave the room when he was ‘extracting’ information. He would go to any extreme to get what he wanted. Where others would do what was necessary to get the Intel that was needed and then move on; George reveled in the pain that his prisoners were subjected to. To put it simply: George had a sadistic streak that was a mile wide and he was looking forward to getting his hands on that feisty little blonde. After all, women were always more fun to ‘play’ with. It hadn’t taken George long to learn that there was an awful lot of money to be made for a soldier who could offer his skills. Being a mercenary worked out great for him, because George was about two things, pain and money. Working for men like the Governor met both of those needs. Yes, life was good…

An excerpt from: ‘Max’s Mayhem.’

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©2014 Amber Hawkins

5 thoughts on “Max’s Mayhem

    • You know what? I really have a bent in that direction.
      I have another pseudonym that is even more wicked.
      Contact me if you ever want to know, or you may already but don’t say it in the thread;)

    • ‘Sinister,’ seems to be a personality trait that I enjoy delving into in my writing.
      I am in the middle of writing two books right now, but I most certainly have not forgotten about leaving you a review.
      I hope that all is well my friend and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

      • Thanks Amber! I look forward to getting to one of your books, I am also currently writing 3 books and reviewing 2 books for authors, we need more hours in a day! 🙂

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