Long live the Arts

Long live the Arts

Art isn’t always beautiful.
Many of you who have blogs are artists of one sort, or another. Blogging becomes and almost is a therapy of sorts, if you will.
I began to notice long before I even began my writing career or my amateur photography pursuits, that I felt things much deeper than most.
As I began to branch out into the arts I had, and still have an innate desire to make others feel.
I literally wanted to reach inside of them and pull, twist, rip and tear at their insides.
Though many of our magazines are doctored with so much photo shop: that we all want to be that girl; or that guy, true art, I believe: will touch you deep within.
I love taking images and writing about things that are not beautiful, yet they speak to the deepest part of man-kind. (I understand that pseudo photo shopped pics also have that capability.) Believe me, I photo shop and I love the results.
I do so love to capture images that are raw and real though, because I believe that they grip you in a different manner. And so I say:

Long live the arts.
Long live the man, the woman, the child who takes us away from our everyday existence or drowns us in a sea of reality; with their gripping gift of the arts.
Long live the man, the woman, the child who takes the business man, or woman, away from the stress and strain of everyday life. Long live the gifted artist who rescues the population from the dregs of using drugs or alcohol to escape.
For when they take a book into their hands they soak its life into their very being and escape has been granted to them for an allotted time.
When they open a magazine and they view a picture that grips their soul, they are encouraged to: “Live to fight another day.”
Long live the artist who will crawl, twist climb, or bend, in order to get the shot, the picture, or the visual art that will grip their audience in the same way that he was gripped: when he undertook impossible odds, in order to get it on film.
Yes, long live the Arts that will still rise and stand in victory, long after it has been removed from our schools and government due to budget cuts; for it resides within the being of we who have been gifted as Artists, in order to bring it to you the masses, who are gifted to treasure it.
Long live the Arts…

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