Max’s Mayhem

Max's Mayhem

Governor James Johnson ran his hands through his straight dark hair. Unlike his other colleagues who tended to be in their sixty’s and of a staunch, gruff demeanor: James was in his forty’s, extremely good looking and not so darn stuffy. He eyed his assistant as he spoke: “Now Carl, your job description is to assist, not mother hen. My extracurricular activities are none of your business.”

Carl sat eyeing his boss; with his normal demeanor: that of a nosey, nerdy, irritating, but highly effective assistant. Carl looked like the perfect definition of a nerd and he had the brains to go with it. Even more so than those personality traits, Carl was sneaky. He was very good at the job of keeping his boss’s squeaky clean image intact. Anywhere that you saw James, you saw Carl. It had been an ongoing joke for years that Carl was so far stuck up his Boss’s butt; that dislodging him, was impossible. Carl knew that the only reason that anyone would want to sever his closeness with the Governor; would be so that they could take his job, and that was not going to happen. Though to look at Carl, your perception would be: that he was a wimp; Carl was one of the most sneaky, conniving and underhanded assistants: to have ever graced the doors of the Governor’s mansion. It was the reason that the Governor had hired him. Carl had an un-dying loyalty to Governor James Johnson and nothing, or no one: was going to get in between him and the Governor.

“I beg to differ, Mr. Governor. I am hired to maintain your squeaky clean image. PR is what I do, Sir. If you don’t mind me asking: what is it about this hooker that so intrigues you?”
James cut his hazel eyes at his assistant, “I do mind you asking, now drop it!”
Carl quickly lowered his eyes and whined, “I’m sorry.” His demeanor immediately changed, almost as if he were submitting to the Governor’s wish.
The Governor stood his ground. “That is fine Carl; just remember your place, you work for me.” Though Governor James Johnson had the charisma and charm that it took to get into office; he also had the backbone to stand up to anyone who tried to cross the boundaries that he had set. He was a good Governor. He worked hard for the State and hard for the people, but as far as he was concerned; his personal life was off limits…
An excerpt from Max’s Mayhem: Available on Amazon:
©2014 Amber Hawkins

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