Max’s Mayhem




The dark shadowy figure which donned camouflage and combat boots, quietly parked the fishing boat. He made certain to tie it off tightly enough to hold; but loosely enough to provide the quick getaway that would be needed. All was quiet in the secure lake house community. Its inhabitants slept with what could be termed as nothing but: ‘a false sense of security.’ The killer knew better than anyone that if someone wanted your demise badly enough, then nothing and no one; could stop an onslaught of danger. He was out for blood tonight and blood he would have.

He enjoyed his job because it fed the nasty little sadistic streak that inhabited his being.

He quietly made his way to the sliding glass door and placed the suction cupped device on the cool glass. One clean circle and the glass popped out; as if it were non-existent. He could feel the adrenaline surge as he made his way to the back master bedroom. He stood viewing the woman whose dark hair flowed over the pillow; as if she were in a book of fairy tales; awaiting her Prince charming. There would be no Prince charming tonight, but there would be a deadly predator. Her predator watched as her chest rose and fell, with each breath that she took. There was nothing like the power of holding life and death in the palm of one’s hand, it was intoxicating to say the least.

He wished that he could take the time to torment her and listen to her cries for mercy; but this was a hit and he needed to be in and out quickly. With exact precision he grabbed a handful of her hair and viciously jerked her head back. Her eyes flew open in horror, but before she even had time to assess the situation, the killer had cut her throat and she was making her way into eternity. He watched for a moment as the crisp white sheets became a crimson red; once again he wished that he had been able to revel in the thrill of the kill; but there was simply no time.

As quickly and quietly as he had made his way up to the lake shore; he launched off onto the murky waters into obscurity. He looked at the clear star laden night sky and thought to himself: Life is good…

An excerpt from ‘Max’s Mayhem.’

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©2013 Amber Hawkins



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